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[Geek] NWS Winry/Sheska

This is one of a series that I shall call "The Mechanic and the Librarian".


Title: It's Surprising What Hard Work Will Bring In The Long Run
Author: sheistheweather
Word Count: 1,725
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Winry/Sheska, mention of Winry/Ed/Sheska
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Spoilers: Movie, possibly
Warnings: Yuri, graphic sex
Notes: Told in first-person present tense from Sheska's point of view.

It's been a long day. Winry has performed three leg attachments today, and the hours of intense precision work always leave her full of tensions, knots, and fatigue. Rockbell Automail, from which Pinako has finally retired, has a high reputation to maintain, so Winry always works long and hard to leave her customers satisfied and well-taken-care-of. I've been spending all day fighting an intense case of writer's block, and my office is now littered with crumpled balls of paper like sakura petals under a cherry tree in the spring. As I emerge from my office, Winry closes the door to her workshop and collapses onto the sofa. I quickly follow suit, taking off my glasses and setting them on the coffee table.

I slumped against my wife's shoulder, my eyes refusing to focus and burning with exhaustion, and my lower back aching from a hard chair and a developing baby. Winry tightens her arm around the other me momentarily and lays her cheek against my unruly brown hair. I am trying to grow it out, and all my efforts to tame it are all but useless; it does what it pleases. I lean into Winry's hug, and she tugs me down so I am laying halfway across her lap. As she leans down to kiss me, I unconsciously deepen the kiss. Her breasts press against mine, and I begin to feel a familiar tingle between my thighs.

Winry breaks the kiss to breathe. "How's long has it been, hon?" she asks, looking pleased and somewhat nonplussed.

I raise my eyes to the blurry ceiling in thought. "Hm...probably about a week...we've both been working nonstop."

"Ah. Well. Long overdue, then." Winry covers my lips with her own once more, and we both moan softly as she explores my mouth with the tip of her tongue. She massages my breast, and I arch my back with pleasure. Ever since the one night with Edward Elric, my breasts have been increasing both in size and sensitivity. I remember that night so well. I will never forget the feeling of Edward's flesh cock in me as Winry's automail one was in him. It was a beautiful, raw, pleasure-filled night, and our baby has been growing since that time 5 months ago. Winry always tells me that she loves to look at me with her baby growing inside me, but I can't understand how she can find stretch marks appealing in the least. She says I taste different, but I only taste myself on her when she kisses me, and it tastes the same to me.

Suddenly I gasp. Winry has, by this time, unbuttoned my blouse and released the front clasp on my bra, and I cry out softly as she rubs my nipple between her finger and thumb. They've always been very sensitive, but since the pregnancy began, Winry can almost make me come just by playing with my breasts. She buries her fingers in the hair at the nape of my neck, lifting me to her and kissing me hard as she tugs gently at my nipple. I hook my fingers in the top of her favorite black tube top and pull down, knowing that she wears no bra with it. I massage her breast as she fondles mine, and I can feel her quick, ragged breathing through the rise and fall of her soft chest.

Winry lets go of my nipple and slides her hand down the curve of my side. She lets one hand rest on my rounding belly, breaking the kiss to love me with her eyes. "Edward may have provided the sperm," she had said shortly after I'd conceived, "but this is my baby. /Our/ baby." She strokes my belly softly and then, holding my eyes with hers, she slips her hand easily under the waistband of my slack and panties and dips a finger into my wetness.

"Ohhhh, Winryyy..." I moan as she oh-so-slowly rubs my clitoris in little circles with her middle finger, my hips already beginning to press toward her touch. She smiles at me sweetly, and slides two fingers deep into my pussy. She just as quickly takes them out, bringing the fingers up to her mouth. I watch as she slowly licks my juices off of her skin, and I decide to take action. I sit up, then stand in front of her, taking her other hand.

"Winry. Bedroom. Now." I pull her along behind me, shedding clothing as I go, until she turns me around and the backs of my legs hit the bed. I land on the soft surface with a bounce, and suddenly she's there, between my legs, her tongue on my clit and her hand on my thigh.

"Oh, yes, oh god, Winry..." I feel her smile, and she licks my clit harder as she slides two fingers into me again. I am beyond words as she slowly moves them in and out, and I become conscious of the quiet wet noises she is making with my body. She stops again, and I sit up, my face flushed and my bosom heaving.

"You, Ms. Rockbell, are a tease."

She grins impishly, and for a moment I'm reminded disturbingly of Ed. "Yes, yes I am." She unties and unzips her jumpsuit the rest of the way, leaving it to slide off of her like water on stones. I raise my eyebrows.

"Have you been wearing that all day...?"

Winry strokes her automail strap-on fondly. "Yes."

My knees, if I was standing, would surely collapse. Images flash through my mind, and suddenly I crave her more than ever.

"Oh, god, love...oh...please..." I feel myself start to beg.

Winry steps closer. "What do you want, librarian?" she asks, slipping easily into her Big Bad Mechanic mode.

I gaze up at her, my lips parts and my skin hot. "I want...I w-want you to"

She raises my chin. "You'll have to say it if you want it that bad."

In character and out, I blush and say in a small voice, "I want you to fuck me, Ms. Rockbell..." I feel cold metal at my lips.

"Well, librarian, you're going to have to do more than just beg. Show me you're serious." She pushes her hips forward, just enough so the tip of her metal cock parts my lips further.

"Yes, Ms. Rockbell." I slowly take the head in my mouth, and am surprised to hear Winry moan, just as Edward did when we did it to him. I pull back and look up at her in surprise. "Wait...what?"

Winry moans at the absence of my touch. "It's...the new model."

I gape. Winry had told me that she had found some way for an automail strap-on to produce feeling for the wearer, but I'd thought she was still in the theoretical stages. "I thought it wasn't finished yet..."

Winry smiles smugly. "I wanted to surprise you."

Now, don't get me wrong. I have no desire for Winry to be a man. Quite the contrary, actually. But Winry with an almost-real cock? For some reason, the novelty of the situation excites me beyond what I would have guessed.

She slips back into character. "Now, where were we?"

I obediently wrap my lips around the head of her cock, and she groans as I caress the smooth metal with my warm tongue. I suck gently, and am surprised when that also produces a reaction. This automail cock is far more realistic than I originally thought. I am almost disappointed as she withdraws it from my mouth.

"On your knees, librarian. I want that pretty ass in the air."

I bow my head meekly. "Yes, Ms. Rockbell." I turn around on the bed, resting my head on my arms and my knees on the bed as I spread my legs and offer up my dripping pussy to my wife.

I hear the sound of the lube bottle, and I turn my head just far enough to see her smearing it on her cock, biting her lip as she touches herself. Suddenly I scream as she fills me with one smooth, firm stroke.

"Oh, GOD, Winry. Oh my god. Ohh....." I wax incoherent as she slowly pulls almost all the out, and then slides back in just as slowly. Pleasure courses through me with every stroke, and as she begins to speed up, I push back to meet her.

"You like it when I fuck you like this, Sheska?" she says, falling out of character and just being her aroused self.

"Yesss....oh....harder, my love..."

The room fills with the sounds of flesh hitting flesh, as it did that day five months ago. I reach under myself and rub my clit, feeling the pleasure spiral higher and higher. Winry pounds into me, and suddenly I begin to shudder, and Winry scream-gasps as my walls clench around her cock. As I come, I continue to rub my clit, wanting to drag it out as long as possible. Winry's breath is growing even more ragged, and she slams into me, bordering on the edge of pain. Her whole body goes rigid, and I feel a warm spurt inside me as her now-warm metal cock twitches and she comes hard.

I let my hand drop, savoring the feeling of being fucked by my wife, and noting that, unlike a flesh cock, this metal one doesn't go soft. As Winry pulls out of me, we both whine a day-after-Christmas sort of moan, and I collapse onto my side as she crawls onto the bed with me. We lay together, a happy, sated bundle of arms, legs, breasts, and one amazing automail device.

"Wow, Winry..." I say breathlessly. "That was...that was..."

"Amazing?" she suggests, also trying to catch her breath.

"To say the least." Suddenly I remember something. "How did you get it to squirt like that?"

Winry smiles. "It's just slightly-heated lube. The system is rather ingenious really..."

I feel the mood fading as she goes into a lengthy description of the mechanics of her metallic penis, and I inwardly smile and shake my head, resigned to my wife geeking out about automail genitalia and its amazing properties.

To say the least, I am a happy customer, and I expect that this item will see a lot of use.

After all, Rockbell Automail /is/ satisfaction guaranteed.

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