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Sheska cosplay

Hey everyone! ^_^ First post here, I think, though I've been lurking a long time. Anyway, I'm going to Nan Desu Kan this upcoming weekend (anime con in Denver, CO.) I needed a costume at the last minute! Also, the director of FMA is going to be at the con, and if you're in costume for that series, you get to go to the photoshoot with him and meet him! XD So I decided I just had to go as Sheska, since I love her so much.

That's the costume I'm using, so it's totally obviously last minute and easy. ._. But I just have no time, it's this Friday, and I work full time, AND I'm broke. x.x;; But I was able to find the stuff for that outfit at this used clothing store for real cheap. I have brown hair with bangs, I'm just gonna cut it short and gel it. I also don't normally wear glasses, but I'm going to buy some and pop the glass out. XD;;

The question is, to make it more recognizable, I'd like a prop. Obviously a book (or a few) come to mind... I'm thinking of taking a hardcover or two and making slip-sleeves for them, and writing titles on them for books she might have. Maybe books on Alchemy? I don't know. XP;;

This is where suggestions would be great!! I don't have the DVDs, I watched a friend's, so I can't check for actual book titles that she had in the library. Or, on the other hand, can anyone think of something that would work? (I'm thinking about throwing in a book of lesbian erotica or something too. XP;;) If I can, I'll get a Winry plushie to carry around too, since I don't have anyone to go as Winry with me. ;-; Poor Sheska~!

But hey, if anyone happens to be going as Winry, let's hook up and take pictures together! XD;; Otherwise, any suggestions or comments would be really great!!
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