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Okay! Since this community hasn't seen a lot of activity lately, I figured that I'd put something up here to get us going.

I want to see fanart and/or fanfiction with a Winry/Sheska or Sheska/Winry pairing, and this contest's theme is:


So! Take that as you will! It can be anywhere from G-rated to X-rated. Please label everything as follows:

Warnings (if there are any):
Standard Disclaimer: (These character aren't mine, etc.)

Please put the entry or entries under an LJ-Cut!

Anything rated R or X, please FRIENDS-LOCK.

Each person may have up to two entries that will be counted for the contest, although you may post as many as you want, as long as you LABEL the two you want in the contest. It can be two fics, two art pieces, or one of each.

I will announce this in some other FMA and yuri communities, as well.

[Edit] Also, if anyone wants to make theme icons for this contest, that would be cool!

Deadline for entries is April 11th!
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